Schedule of IPLSA Work (2018 - 2024年4月)

Period Events
Apr 2018
  • Establishment of the International Probono Legal Services Association Ltd (26.4.2018)
Oct – Dec 2018
  • Signing of a collaboration Framework Agreement with Hong Kong Environmental Protection Practitioners Association Ltd (30.10.2018)
  • Visit and exchange with the Hong Kong Academy of Management (23.11.2018)
  • Signing of a Co-operation Agreement with National Judges College, Beijing (6.5 CPD points) (6.12.2018)
  • Held the International Probono Legal Services Association Ltd Inauguration Ceremony and Legal Forum (6.5 CPD points) (7.12.2018)
Jan – Mar 2019
  • Visited Guangdong Department of Justice & Guangdong Lawyers Association (8.3.2019)
  • Visited the School of Law, South China Normal University (8.3.2019)
Apr – Jun 2019
  • Hosted the visitors from Hainan Lawyers Association and Qingdao Lawyers Association (28 delegates) and exchanged opinions (1.4.2019)
  • Organizaed RME course - Risk Management in Handling Probono cases (4 CPD/RME points) (6.4.2019)
  • Organized the Greater Bay Area's Young Lawyers seminar series in collaboration with the National Judges College (13 CPD points) (21.6.2019– 25.6.2019)
  • Signing of a collaboration Framework Agreement with the Law Society of Guangdong (22.5.2019)
Jun – Dec 2020
  • Held a legal forum on The Law of the People's Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (7.7.2020)
  • Set up a Rehabilitation Fund (24.7.2020)
  • Organized CPD course - Judicial Reform and National Security Law (3 CPD points) (28.11.2020)
  • The National Security Education Centre, the branch office of IPLSA hosted press conference for its establishment (23.12.2020)
  • Set up a National Security Education Group by the National Security Education Centre to design the proposed syllabus and reference materials for the National Security Education curriculum. (28.12.2020)
Jan – Dec 2021
  • Visited school-operation groups in Hong Kong to exchange views on national security education and established channels of communication with them. (1.2021)
  • Held an open seminar on national security education, inviting school-operation groups to send principals or teacher representatives to exchange views and raise important points on national security education. (2.2021)
  • Held a press conference and lodged a refute to the UN Secretary-General and relevant committees against the Human Rights Watch’s false report on China and Hong Kong, China, and to ask the UN Commission on Human Rights to not adopt the false reports. (23.3.2021)
  • Introduced the first national security education to mark the promulgation of the National Security Law. The National Security Education Center hosted an online discussion forum on National Security Education and invited Legislative Council members, university scholars, barristers, retired police officers and KOLs (internet celebrities) to attend the online seminar to exchange views and opinions on national security education and recently debated issues. (10.4.2021)
  • The National Security Education Center organized a series of targeted projects, including the publication of national security advertisements on Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po, the ordering of cultural propaganda souvenirs, the renting of buses to cruise in the main streets of Hong Kong, the organizing of 10 publicity street stations in the downtown area of Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories, and the arrangement of KOL live broadcasts. (15.4.2021)
  • Submitted an application form to the Lands Department for the appointment of the Bok Man School in Sheung Shui as a "National Security Education Center". The reply letter from the Lands Department was received on 22 December, Security Bureau: There is NO opposition, and the Security Bureau is not the best person to provide advice. Department of Justice: No comment. Regional Stakeholders: Opposed. (30.7.2021 and 22.12.2021)
  • Started a fundraising appeal for the flooding in Henan in support of the flood relief actions to deal with the aftermath of Henan Province. Alongside six representative groups we also attended at the Liaison Office of the CPG to hand in three donation cheques totaling to HK$474,968. (4.8.2021)
  • Visited the Sichuan Agricultural University and Shaanxi Normal University in Mainland to exchange views on National Security Education and establish channels of communication with the school (9.2021)
  • Organized CPD Course - Building Management – Legislation for Empowerment and Frequently Encountered Category of Building Management (3 CPD credits) (25.9.2021)
  • Organized Risk Management Course - The Advantages and Limitations of Greater Bay Area Lawyers and “Risk Charges” for Lawyers working in the Mainland versus Hong Kong (3 CPD/RME credits) (16.10.2021)
Jan – July 2022
  • National Security Education Day – Published advertisement regarding National Security in the Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po as an attempt to encourage citizens to learn more about national security. (15.4.2022)
  • In order to publicize the Hong Kong National Security Law, the National Security Online Forum was held at 3 p.m. on April 15, Legislative Council Members, scholars, retired principals and KOLs (Internet celebrities) were invited to attend the online forum to exchange views and opinions on national security education. (15.4.2022)
  • With regard to IPLSA’s application to the Lands Department for the use of the Bok Man School in Sheung Shui as a “National Security Education Centre”, the Lands Department replied to the Town Planning Board on 15 March agreeing to the ‘No opposition” decision. On 24 June, Home Affairs Secretary Mr. Jack Chan expressed support to the application. On August 16, IPLSA also wrote to Mr. Gary Hau of the Sheung Shui District Rural Committee requesting for a meeting with the committee members in mid-August. (15.3.2022, 24.6.2022, 16.8.2022)
  • Risk Management Course - Tips and hints for crisis management in legal practice both in the mainland and Hong Kong under the threat of the global pandemics (3 CPD/RME credits) via ZOOM (28.5.2022)
  • CPD Course - Basic Law & National Security Law (Train the Trainer) (4 CPD credits) (16.7.2022)
  • School Lecture – Online Talk for parents on “Know more about National Security Law” to Tseung Kwan O Pui Chi School (19.7.2022)
  • 在3月15日地政總處回函「城規會」同意本會回覆,及不反對申請。在6月24日民政事務局局長陳積志表示政策支持。在8月16日去函新界上水區鄉事委員會侯志強主安排在8月中拜訪。(15.3.2022, 24.6.2022, 16.8.2022)
  • 我和我的大灣區ZOOM課程。(27.8.2022)
  • "第一期國家安全教育(導師培訓)證書課程(8.10.2022)
  • 2022年10月,中心成功舉辦了首期國家安全教育(導師培訓)證書課程,社會反應熱烈,亦得到了特首、蔡局長及其他部門的支持。最終,117名學員通過了嚴格的筆試、論文及視頻實習,成為首批國家安全認可導師。"
  • 國家安全教育(導師培訓)證書課程畢業典禮。(10.12.2022)
  • "IPLSA代表團到湖南考察
  • 2022年12月,IPLSA代表團受湖南省公安廳邀請,前往湖南省長沙市、湘潭市等地進行考察交流。代表團考察了橘子洲頭、岳麓書院、毛主席故居等富有歷史底蘊的景點,並與湖南省公安廳進行深入交流。雙方就開展青少年交流活動達成共識,將會通過港湘交流團推動國民教育及國家安全教育工作。"
  • 国际公益法律服务协会获得联合国经济及社会理事会特别咨商地位公告。(5.12.2022)
  • IPLSA致信全港學校關於國家安全教育到校工作。(30.1.2023)
  • 伊斯蘭鮑伯濤紀念小學國安講座(20.2.2023)主講:朱偉明校長、季輝律師、何君堯律師
  • 國家安全教育課程簡介會,在立法會進行,向辦學團體介紹國家安全教育課程。(23.2.2023)
  • 湖南考察團 (26.2.2023)
  • "全國政協會議提出國家安全教育提案
  • 2023年3月,IPLSA創辦人兼主席何君堯律師參與政協第十四屆全國委員會,並遞交了《關於加強推動在香港學校開展國家安全教育的提案》,就本港國家安全教育工作提出了“專科專教”、國家指引、扶持“先頭部隊”、善用資源等建議。提案獲得了國家相關部門和社會媒體的關注。"
  • 與法官學院簽署的合作協議,今年必須做好法律人才培訓,以便協助大灣區大力發展,為祖國作出貢獻。(13.3.2023)
  • "國家安全教育路演。(24.3.2023)
  • 2023年3月23日,中心在尖沙咀YMCA舉辦了國家安全教育課程簡介會,為200多位來自中小學、幼稚園的教育工作者分享了國家安全教育在港推行的情況、法律依據、課程大綱、課本教材、考察交流團等資訊,並介紹了中心可提供的各項教學及活動支援。"
  • "國家安全教育認知課程(星級)。(25.3.2023)
  • 2023年3月24日,IPLSA與香港校董學會聯合主辦國家安全教育認知課程,為學校校董、行政人員提供了為期6小時的課程,由星級導師何君堯議員、周浩鼎議員、馬瑞映教授等主講,講授了國家安全知識及學校行政中的國安元素。"
  • IPLSA福建考察團(7-9.4.2023)
  • 向教育局教師工作坊投標(11.4.2023)
  • 第二期國家安全教育(導師培訓)證書課程(15.4.2023-13.5.2023)
  • 課本《國家安全教育在身邊》正式出版(15.4.2023)
  • 國家安全教育講座,天水圍天瑞邨圓玄學院妙法寺內明陳呂重德紀念中學(17.4.2023)
  • 湖南考察團報告及教材《國家安全教育在身邊》發佈記者會(20.4.2023)
  • 與暨南大學法學院代表交流,探討合作推出普通法、國安法課程,引領學生走向國際發展(21.4.2023)
  • "國家安全教育導師工作研討會(P3-P5)(25.4.2023)
  • 約20名認可導師參加,探討對於P3-P5學生的教學方案"
  • 受范徐麗泰邀請,由勵進教育中心主辦,到保良局唐乃勤初中書院舉辦國家安全教育講座 (2023.5.18)
  • 國家安全教育導師工作研討會 (2023.5.19)
  • IPLSA與中聯辦新界部、新界校長會等開會討論國家安全教育 (2023.5.23)
  • 台山、鶴山考察團 (2023.5.28-29)
  • 與教育局國民教育組第一次開會討論教師工作坊 (2023.6.2)
  • 與廣東廣信君達律師事務所合辦大灣區律師分享會 (2023.6.17)
  • 第二期國家安全教育(導師培訓)證書課程畢業典禮,行政長官李家超、中聯辦法律部張玉梅副部長、中聯辦新界部李功勛副部長、屯門DO等出席主禮 (2023.6.17)
  • 陝西、四川考察團 (2023.6.19-23)
  • 為鄧肇堅維多利亞官立中學的家長舉辦國家安全教育講座 (2023.7.18)
  • 新書《國家安全教育在身邊》書展活動,19號舉辦簽名會,20號舉辦新書發佈會講座 (2023.7.19-20)
  • 為公屋居民關愛會舉辦國家安全教育講座 (2023.7.20)
  • 與國家法官學院合辦2023年大灣區法律人才研修班,28位來自香港及內地的法律界人才參與 (2023.7.21-25)
  • 與教育局國民教育組第二次開會討論教師工作坊 (2023.7.26)
  • 舉辦“恰同學少年,看網紅長沙”青少年交流學習團,與民政及青年事務局合辦 (2023.7.31-8.4)
  • 在政府總部為保安局及紀律部隊制服團體領袖舉辦課程簡介講座 (2023.8.1)
  • 為保安局轄下紀律部隊制服團體2500名成員舉辦約27場國家安全教育講座 (2023.8-12)
  • 陽江考察團 (2023.8.18-20)
  • 與教育局合作,為本港中學舉辦20場「到校國家安全教育深化講座」,共40間學校約2000名教師參與 (2023.8-2024.2)
  • 為香港萬國宣道浸信會社會服務中心舉辦國家安全教育講座 (2023.9.25)
  • 為教育局德育、公民及國民教育組舉辦「香港融入國家發展大局及維護國家安全對國家發展的意義」講座 (2023.10.26)
  • IPLSA作為支持單位,推動「協進同行」(Hope Federation)舉辦首屆全港公民教育英文問答常識比賽 (2023.12.2)
  • 第三期國家安全教育(導師培訓)正式課程
  • 在香港律政中心舉辦「穗港兩地法律服務業深度融合發展交流座談會」,廣州市司法局、香港律政司、律師會、大律師公會、中國法律服務(香港)有限公司、中國委托公証人協會代表出席 (2024.1.23)
  • IPLSA代表與外交公署國際部會面交流 (2024.1.31)
  • 舉辦CPD課程「内地與香港判決互認安排及新安排對香港法律行業的優勢」(2024.2.3)
  • 帶領香港網絡意見領袖(KOLers)前往深圳前海拜候前海管理局及深圳市網絡直播協會,並前往博羅了解鄉村振興戰略發展 (2024.2.7)
  • IPLSA代表與外交公署國際部會面交流 (2024.2.19)
  • 帶領香港網絡意見領袖(KOLers)參觀亞洲電視(ATV)(2024.2.20)
  • 出席律政司「香港法律界發展粵港澳大灣區業務交流座談會」(2024.3.1)
  • IPLSA代表團前往聯合國日內瓦總部,出席聯合國人權理事會第五十五屆會議及《公民及政治權利國際公約》(ICCPR)人權事務委員會第140屆會議 (2024.3.8-15)
  • 為珠海學院舉辦國家安全教育講座,聽眾約120名師生 (2024.3.26)
  • 為國家安全教育認可導師舉辦江西贛州-井岡山考察團 (2024.3.29-4.1)
  • IPLSA代表與外交公署國際部會面交流 (2024.4.3)


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