IPLSA is a non-profit organization registered in Hong Kong, founded by Mr. Junius K Y Ho, Senior Partner of K C Ho & Fong in June 2018. Mr Ho is a former President of the Law Society of Hong Kong and currently serves as a member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong SAR.

Board of Directors Working Committees under IPLSA NSEC Butterflyers Wiseman CLSF
Promotes the enactment of A 23, National Security Education and judicial reform.
Provides community services to over 24000 members emphasising in elderly, youth and probono legal services.
Carries policy researches and formulates recommendations for changes.
Provides logistics supports in carrying out collaboration with others in community legal services.


Committees and membership

Below is a list of the four committees under the BOD, and their membership:

  • Advisory Committee
    • Prof. Dr. David Lan Hong Tsang, GBS, JP
    • Mr. Eddie Ng Hak-kim GBS, JP
    • Prof. Gu Minkang, JP, Dean of Credit Risk Management Institute of Xiangtan University
    • Dr. Louis Chen Xiaofeng, Executive President of Hong Kong KOL Project
    • Mr. Cao Fushun, Merchant
  • Consultants Committee
    • Dr. Priscilla Leung Mei Fun, SBS, JP, Member of Legislative Council of HKSAR
    • Mr. Ambrose Lam San Keung, JP, President of Global Chinese-speaking Lawyers Association
    • Mr. Stephen Hung, Former President of the Law Society of Hong Kong
    • Ms. Maggie Chan Man Ki, MH, JP, Sole Proprietor of CMK Lawyers, Founding President of The Small and Medium Law Firms Association of Hong Kong
    • Mr. Lawrence Ma Yan Kwok, Executive Council Chairman of Hong Kong Legal Exchange Foundation
    • Mr. Kacee Ting Wong, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Legal Exchange Foundation
  • Practising Lawyers Committee
    • Mr. Stephen Y W Yap, Principal of Yap & Lam, Solicitors
    • Ms. Angela Wong Ka Wai, Partner of K C Ho & Fong
    • Mr. Benson Xiao Shuobin, Senior Partner of ETR Law Firm, PRC
    • Ms. Betty Lo Miu Sheung, Consultant of K C Ho & Fong
    • Mr. Benton Ho Jun Hang, Solicitor of K C Ho & Fong
    • Mr. Conrad Ho Jun Wang, Solicitor of K C Ho & Fong
  • Paralegal Committee
    • Mr. Ho Kam Tim

Membership to the above committees is by invitation and requires approval by BOD. Members comprise prominent professional, community and business leaders appointed for a term of two years.

The Terms of Reference of these committees are set out below:

Advisory Committee

  1. To advise on the formulation of the overall strategy for furthering the purposes and policies of IPLSA;
  2. To formulate the operation policy of the IPLSA Scheme, particularly policy governing cross-jurisdictional pro bono legal services;
  3. To make recommendations on lobbying for supports from the governments, businesses and NGOs towards the IPLSA Scheme; and to promote IPLSA activities through publicity programmes;
  4. To make recommendations on engaging young lawyers in pro bono legal work; and
  5. To advise on any other matters that might contribute to the future development of IPLSA.

Consultants Committee

  1. To provide expert views on further the IPLSA Scheme as representatives from different professional, businesses and voluntary organization/institutions;
  2. To make recommendations on promoting tripartite cooperation between governments, businesses and NGOs in the delivery of pro bono services;
  3. To advise on publicity campaigns to promote IPLSA activities in target markets; and
  4. To advise on any other matters that might contribute to the future development of IPLSA.

Practising Lawyers Committee

  1. To actively involve in the operation and development o IPLSA Scheme as participating lawyers;
  2. To review and monitor the activities of the IPLSA Scheme to ensure provision of quality pro bono legal services to the target clienteles;
  3. To recommend improvements on the IPLSA Scheme from time to time such as setting up a mechanism to maintain a high standard of pro bono legal services delivered;
  4. To organize training seminars, talks, networking events and any other similar activities for the purpose of enhancing the professional capability of IPLSA members delivering pro bono services, recruiting new IPLSA members and facilitating professional exchange amongst practitioners engaging in pro bono legal services.
  5. To handle any other matters relevant to the provision of pro bono legal services under the IPLSA Scheme.

Paralegal Committee

  1. To provide support in handling pro bono legal services cases under the IPLSA Scheme, and recommend improvements on the Scheme;
  2. To work closely with the Practising Lawyers Committee in organizing and monitoring the activities of the IPLSA Scheme to ensure provision of quality pro bono legal services to the target clienteles;
  3. To assist in organizing or handling any activities/events promoting the work of IPLSA and recruitment of new members;
  4. To handle any other matters relevant to the provision of pro bono legal services under the IPLSA Scheme as directed by IPLSA’s Board of Directors.



  • Voting Members
    • Voting Members are comprised of the founders, BOD, and committees of IPLSA.
    • Voting Memberships are only available to qualified persons invited by BOD, and/or endorsed by two members from the Advisory Committee.
  • Ordinary Members
    • Ordinary Members are comprised of any successful applicants with appropriate legal qualifications or experiences.
    • Ordinary Memberships are available to all lawyers, paralegals and students of law.
  • All memberships are free and can be renewed on an annual basis.

Member’s Benefits

Every year, members of IPLSA are entitled to the many benefits specified by BOD. The content of these perks, however, may vary from time to time and are subject to the discretions of BOD.

These benefits will standardly include:-

  1. Access to 10 CPD via IPLSA-organised courses and lectures, S2A;
  2. Access to 3 Risk Management Education courses, S2A;
  3. Biannual eNewsletters;
  4. Discounts to IPLSA affiliated CPD courses;
  5. Submission of members’ record of pro bono services to the Law Society of Hong Kong or Home Affairs for certification and/or recognition under their respective probono award schemes.

Member’s Duty to Pro Bono Work

Whilst enjoying the many benefits IPLSA has provided to their members, IPLSA also expects that her members will give back to the community. As such, IPLSA expects the following from her members:-

  1. To undertake 10 pro bono cases or equivalent to 2 hours of pro bono work as may be assigned by IPLSA;
  2. To participate at a minimum of 2 IPLSA-organised events.

To apply for Ordinary Membership, please complete the following membership form and submit it to IPLSA Secretariat via email: info@iplsa.net . Membership applications are subject to IPLSA’s final approval. Any enquiries relating to IPLSA memberships, benefits and duties can also be submitted to IPLSA Secretariat.

June 2018